We no longer have any Mulefoot Hogs. Business was so good, we sold completely out. If you are interested in raising these endangered animals, contact the MuleFoot Hog Association or one of the people whose numbers I have listed below.

I am leaving this page up for informational purposes.

Thanks for all the interest you've shown.

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Water Hollow Farm's American Mule Foot Hogs

The American Mulefoot Hog is truly one of the most unique breeds of swine in the world. Once almost extinct, it is making a comeback today.

Known for it's solid hoof which resembles that of a mule, they are gentle animals and remarkably hearty. Their coats are soft, mainly black with occasional animals having white points. They are easy to raise and may weigh between 400 and 600 pounds by the age of two. This is the old fashioned ham hog that your grandparents thrived on and one that is worthy to bring back to the table!

Here on Water Hollow Farms, our hogs are fed only the highest quality feed and purest spring water which flows directly from these Ozark Hills.

On the verge of extinction, these hogs were rescued by Mr. R. M. Holliday of Louisiana, Missouri in 1964. He lovingly raised them and encouraged others to as well. Our stock came directly from Mr. Holliday's farm in Louisiana.

While the Mulefoot hog population is still classified as critical by the American Livestock Breeds Conservancy, they are making a comeback.

If you would like more information about these wonderful animals or would like a list of the stock we have for sale, feel free to contact us.

Water Hollow Farms Susan Bates Hc 73 Box 159-1 Drury, MO 65638 417-261-2228

Amos - Our Registered Boar!

The Spring on Water Hollow Farm.

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